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At Perivolas Hideaway all meals are included. We offer a blend of traditional and contemporary greek dishes, prepared with the best local products and fresh ingredients found in the market each day, served family style on the beautiful terraces overlooking the island of Santorini.

Though uncomplicated the food of the islands is nevertheless sophisticated in its strong palates and rich flavors. Simple but never plain mediterranean cuisine is remarkable for its health benefits and ingenious combination of flavors and palates. Some wonderful local wine is also an option, to accompany these flavorful dishes.

We offer you a selection of local Greek wines and spirits, beer, soft drinks and a varietyof hot and cold beverages. The island of Santorini is famed for its amazing sunsets but also for its great wines. Your host can arrange for a tour of the vineyards so you can sample the local vintages, where you can find some of the oldest vines in Europe.